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This template contains the data about the Terranium resource. If you see any data on it incorrect on this wiki, edit this template.

Editing reference

Use the following variable names when completing the template.

Variable Description
image Image file name
name Name of the resource
type Type of resource. See Category:Resources
extractingGalaxies Galaxies where the resource may be found in ORSA locations. use "none" if not extractable
extractingSkill Survey skill required to deploy an extractor for this resource.
salesMarket Name of the sales market store that sells this resource. Use "none" if not sold.
salesMarketPrice Cost per unit at the sales market store.
miningGalaxies Galaxies where the resource can be mined in asteroid fields. Use "none" if not a mineable resource.
miningScanRating Scan rating required to find the resource in an asteroid field.