Xerinium Ore

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Xerinium Ore

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Name: Xerinium Ore
Image: Xerinium Ore


Extracting Skill: 60
Galaxies: Anvil
Sales Market Price: 307-310 CR
Sales Market: Hartman Group
Mining Galaxies: Sphere Furnace Verec-Per
Mining scan rate: 5

Xerinium Ore

When this ore was first discovered it was believed to be completely inert and nothing more than a strange crystalline formation within the surrounding ore, but it has been found that Xerinium is in fact closely related to the crystals we use for data storage. Xerinium when processed is over 20 times denser and therefore capable of storing far more data than current technologies.

Xerinium ore can be mined from ORSA locations found in the Anvil Galaxy, or through Salvaging, see Salvage Loot. At this time it is believed that this ore only resides in this Galaxy and its content Systems.