WildFang Inc

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WildFang Inc (ve?)

Level 6
Morale 100%
Docking 50 Cr (Public)
Law 12
Tech 12
Tax 1%
Owned by Sidewinder Fang

The primary base of operations for the recently founded WildFang Inc. The corporation was founded by Sidewinder Fang and his mysterious business partner, known only as K. Wild. Many rumors circulate the space lanes about Wild's identity and origins and this is likly to continue as Fang has so far remained tight lipped about his elusive associate.

It is also the home of the WildFang News Network, a private news company reporting stories from around the five galaxies.

[Promanade Services]

Ashar Corporation
Commercial Store Transport
Commercial Storage
Engineering Processing Station
Galactic Federation Office
Gleso Industries
Joe's Supplies
Lock-N-Load 35%
Manufacturing Facility
Outlaw Combat Services
Player Market
Svens Barter Store
Union Passenger Office