Wesbec Haulage

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Wesbec Haulage

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Name: Wesbec Haulage
Image: Wesbec.jpg

Wesbec Haulage

Min. Settlement Level: 3
ContractCost: 1500000 CR
Contract Length: 3 Months
settlementDiscount: N/A %

Wesbec is famous for its larger than average cargoes. Most of Wesbec's commissioned cargos don't rate below 80 units. So obviously this tends to appeal to the more mature and seasoned hauler.

Although nothing has ever been proven and no charges have ever been formally laid against Wesbec they are well known to law enforcement agencies and customs officials as 'technical' smugglers, that is people who tend to bend the rules on what is a permissible cargo but who have never been caught actually breaking those rules.

Mission Filters : Missions are filtered according to your Wesbec Rank. Charges are made to cover administration fees each time a list is generated for your approval.

Location table

The full list of locations is available at Wesbec Haulage/Locations.