Waldos Schematics

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Waldos Schematics

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Name: Waldos Schematics
Image: Store.Icon.WaldosSchematics.jpg

Schematic Store

Min. Settlement Level: 2
ContractCost: 147500 CR
Contract Length: 3 Months
settlementDiscount: 28 %

Earnest Waldo, renowned scientist and entrepreneur opened his first Schematic store some months back. It's was a roaring success and led to many others being opened throughout the Galaxy.

Always bear in mind when purchasing a schematic that you will need to collect all the resources and have sufficient skill to use them, other wise a schematic is just a pretty design - although they do look rather splendid when wall mounted.

For locations in game use the CE Finder

Effect of Tech Level

This section contains the items unlocked by each tech level.

Tech Item Available
6 Bio-Plasm Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
7 Ablative Armour Rev 1 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png

Bio-Plasm Enhanced Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png

8  ?
9  ?
10  ?
11  ?
12  ?