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Name: W.S.P.D
Image: Store.Icon.W.S.P.D.jpg

Blueprint Store

Min. Settlement Level: 3
ContractCost: 300000 CR
Contract Length: 3 Months
settlementDiscount: 12 %

Warp Signature Pod Development specialise in pods blueprints and have been researching the effectiveness and ship compatiability of pods for many years. It has only been during the last six months that technological breakthroughs have allowed for the full development of pod design to be initiated.

With the development of the pods now completed and all prototype testing finished, Warp Signature Pod Development are proud to unveil the very latest in cutting edge technology blue prints, the most up to date ship augmentation devices that are available.

The blue prints are available in a number of different types and price ranges to appeal to all captains and more will become available as more research and development is carried out.

For locations in game use the CE Finder