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Each day players of Core Exiles can earn 200 fuel for free by voting for the game on advertisement sites. For most experienced players that have voted for a browser game in the past this may be familier but for people new to Core Exiles system of voting or voting for browser game in general this guide should help.

To begin the voting process you look for the drop down menu in the upper left.


  1. Left-click on the drop down menu.
  2. Moved down and click on 'Vote for US'

When you do this you will begin the voting process for Core Exiles


Left-click on 'Begin Voting Process' button so you can begin voting for CE.


The image above is an example what you might see for the first site you are voting on. First click on the image/link to the site you are voted on. This will open a new window to the website you are voting on. Follow the instructions to vote for Core Exiles and then close that window (or you can leave it open for the next site you will be voting on). After you have voted on the first site click on 'Continue Voting Process'. DO NOT click 'Cancel'. You will not get your fuel if you do this. Vote4.jpg

Repeat this process for each website it shows the link for. Click the link vote click on 'Continue Voting Process' button.

Once you have voted on all the sites you will come to the final part of the voting process and you are just a click away from getting your 200 fuel and 100 festive points for free for the day.


Just finish up by clicking the 'Finish' button and you should find that you have 200 more fuel in your tank.

You can vote for Core Exiles everyday to get this free fuel and it resets at 16:00 server time (4:00 PM). When you vote it also automatically enters you into a daily fuel ticket lottery that is held twice a day which could win you even more free fuel.

Don't forget that voting has more perks!!!