Ablative Armour

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Ablative Armour
Armour Buff

Originally developed by Sci-Tech and only recently released to the public in Schematic form, this Armour is the one to mount onto your ship if you can afford it.

Initially it was rumoured that Sci-Tech would be selling this to the general public, however, it seems at the last moment Gal-Fed made them an offer they could not refuse and the schematic was released to the public.

Ablative Armour is rated far superior in its energy reflective capabilities and pure kinetic properties. It has a fantastically low mass and can be fitted to almost any ship via the 'Specials' slots.


Requires Gains
Captain level Armour
Rev 1 0 +50
Rev 2 10 +75
Rev 3 15 +100
Rev 4 20 +125
Rev 5 30 +150
  NPC StoreCrafting EngineeringFestive CenterCE Store only