Valoren Freight Division

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Valoren Freight Division

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Name: Valoren Freight Division
Image: ValorenFreight.jpg

Valoren Trade Office

Min. Settlement Level: ?
ContractCost: ? CR
Contract Length: ? Months
settlementDiscount: N/A %

The Valoren Freight Division has been moving freight in the Expanse for over 500 years, they have until recently had no interactions with Humans. However recently they have decided to allow Humans to carry their cargoes.

You will find that the Valoren Freight Division is very strict about how their cargoes should be carried from the pick-up office to the customers destination. Only captains with Alien Cargo Expanders will be accepted to take deliveries.

For the most part the Valoren Freight Division will only ask captains to deliver outside the Expanse. Should you accept a mission within the Expanse please ensure you can deliver it first. The Valoren Freight Division are not known for their sense of humour or empathy.

Payments: The Valoren Freight Division will pay in Talas on delivery of the freight and also an agreed amount of Loyalty Cubes. Said Cubes will be placed in your ships hold and Talas sent direct your Account.

Mission Filters : Missions are filtered according to your VFD Rank. Charges are made to cover administration fees each time a list is generated for your approval.

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