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Getting started

46th Tuesday of the year

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{{#random:2 | one | two | three }} Test.jpg Random events start once you reach level 10, they can be both positive and negative.

You will receive an alert notice when they occur.

You can gain or lose XP

You can gain or lose CR


<p> Fluffy Intruder Alert event

Congratulations. Your ship is now infested with an alien varmint called a ribblez. You can find these critters listed in your ships hold on the misc tab. Ribblez are pinkish-purple, kinda fluffy, and a solitary Ribblez makes a nice pet.

However, Ribblez breed. Quickly. If you let too many Ribblez breed in your hold, you will have a "Ribblez Gone Wild" event, which causes nasty things to your ship and hold. You can unload your Ribblez at a certain chain of stores. Farming Ribblez is a decent and easy way to get some spare change, as long as you are a careful and responsible breeder.</p>


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