Universal Construction

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Universal Construction

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Name: Universal Construction
Image: Store.Icon.UniversalConstruction.jpg

Schematic Store

Min. Settlement Level: 2
ContractCost: 160000 CR
Contract Length: 6 Months
settlementDiscount: 12 %

Times are changing and the creation of the Universal Construction group is a clear indicator of that fact. It was once only huge conglomerates that undertook building outposts and settlements - no more!

Universal Construction have released to the general public a FULL set of proprietary schematics enabling anyone with the credits and skill to create and deploy their own settlement.

Of course you still need a wealth of resources and a bank balance to match but this is definitely a sign of the times.

For locations in game use the CE Finder

Effect of Tech Level

This section contains the items unlocked by each tech level.

Tech Item Available
6 Nothing!
7 Nothing new
8  ?
9  ?
10  ?
11  ?
12  ?