Unimatrix 001

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Unimatrix 001 (ve?)

Level 5
Morale 100%
Docking 37 Cr (Public)
Law 12
Tech 12
Tax 3%
Owned by LocutusBorg

In Stardate [-29]9032.1794 one Borg unit, LocutusBorg - The Voice of Borg, due to unknown form of space/time distortion, was transfered to an unknown planet in star cluster known as The Core.
Taken to research facility, where after regenerate started gather information about new surronding. Recognized as a threat, was forced to escape into galaxy named Sphere, where - cutted from The Collective - was adapted to new life conditions and started gathing data. It seems that it is another dimension, so the primary objective is to make contact with rest of Collective.

In Stardate [-28]0111.9973 was decided that place known as Settlement will help him in research to find a way to connect this dimension with the one where The Borg are.

This Settlement, Unimatrix 001, is the main node of The Borg research grid in this dimension.

All Captains can dock and feel free to use all inner facilities.
Due to adapting to rules in this dimension, they will not be assimilated... for now.