The Forge

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The Forge

Systems 8
Locations 41
Settlements 4

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The Forge galaxy is rather small. Like Anvil, it connects the Sphere and Verec-per. As you leave the Sphere from Palolon, you enter Arclight. Going Galactic North (i.e. 'up' on the map), you pass through Zarante, Torc, Hammer and Belus. From there you can take the long jump to Braran in Verec-per.

From Zarante, you can access the other three systems in The Forge. Going Galactic North-East (i.e. 'up and right' on the map) you end up in Dranor. Going Galactic South-West (i.e. 'left and down' on the map) you pass through Psychlo and end up in Terl.


You can find [1] The Forge on the official map, or download the printable map of The Forge.