Terran Crew Store

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Terran Crew Store

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Name: Terran Crew Store
Image: Store.Icon.TerranCrewStore.jpg

Terran Resource Store

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The Terran Traders have branched out and joined forces with the Galactic Contract Services to support captains when they need it most. Whilst deploying crew on missions for the G.C.S you will in return receive crew points. These can be traded here for resources in high demand throughout the Galaxy.

The CPPU (Crew Points Per Unit) is displayed next to each resource. This is for 1 unit of the resource so you need to enter the amount of resources you require in the box, then click the corresponding Purchase Stock button.

The staff at Terran Crew Store will then validate your purchase and take payment in the form of your crew points. Resources purchased will then be dropped at the local Collection Point for you to collect.

For locations in game use the CE Finder