Tempest Cargo Expander

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Tempest Cargo Expander

The Tempest is simply the largest cargo expander on sale today to the public. The Diluco Corporation managed to wrestle the sales contract from U-Haul Technologies last year to form the crown in their Cargo Expander empire.

Of course expanders of this calibre have massive energy and skill requirements so ensure you do your research before setting out to make a purchase of this magnitude.


Requires Gains
Cargo expander level Captain level Device Tech Energy Cost Cargo space
1 69 581 10100 4,350,000 Cr +261
2 70 590 10250 4,450,000 Cr +265
3 71 599 10400 4,550,000 Cr +269
4 72 608 10550 4,650,000 Cr +275
  NPC StoreCrafting EngineeringFestive CenterCE Store only
Availability Diluco Corporationnononono