Tagons Torment

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Tagons Torment (ve?)

Level 5
Morale 100%
Docking 10 Cr (Public)
Law 12
Tech 12
Tax 3%
Owned by Mark3430
{{Gamequote:Tagons Torment was founded on June 9th 2009 at 2241 Galactic Standard Time by a little known Captain by the name of Mark3430 with help in resource gathering by Captain Winger and Captain Hannah and help with setup from Captain Bryce. It is intent on being a Websec Cargo and Union Passenger hub for the Mostony system in Verec-Per but has not yet been fully completed.

[Docking: 10c] [Law: 12] [Tech: 12] [Tax: 3%] [Sett Lvl: 5]

Tagons Torment currently offers:

Commercial Storage:

For securing your resources while you mine the local asteroid belt.

Commercial Storage Transport Service:

To transport your resources to any CS in the known (exiled) universe.

Svens Barter Store:

Come across some Misc you want to get rid of while mining the local belt? Well come on by and trade it in for anything Sven carries!

Websec Haulage:

To fill your empty cargo hold with potential credits.

Union Passenger Office:

Fill your cabin with people instead of only those boring boxes.

Arc-Light Projects:

Get the schematics for those smaller difficult projects here!

Arnos Schematic Supply:

Come get your settlement university and implant schematics from the Mostony branch of Arnos.

Mero Brothers:

If you're working on extractors, energy specials or the new S.E.U then stop on by Mero!

Universal Construction:

For your main settlement schematic needs.}}