Starbase Sales (Player)

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Starbase Sales (Player)

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Name: Starbase Sales (Player)
Image: Store.Icon.StarbaseManufacturingCenter.jpg

Starbase Sales

Min. Settlement Level: 6
ContractCost: CR
Contract Length: Months
settlementDiscount: N/A %

Captain, you are about to enter the local Starbase Sales Store. This store is home to the Hubs on sale that have been manufactured by the resident staff at the Settlement. Each Hub is manufactured using a 'Shake & Bake' process allowing for each Hub to be as unique as possible and as close to the desired stats as possible.

When purchasing Starbase hubs please remember that you will require a full complement of 10 hubs to meet the Starbase deployment requirements. Your Starbase stats will rely entirely on the component hubs you use at the time of deployment. When purchased each Hub will be transferred to a local construction fleet holding company, as each Hub is far to large to store on board the ship. These will be held for you until you are ready to deploy your Starbase.

For locations in game use the CE Finder