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Starbase-34 (ve)

Docking 50 Cr
Law 9
Tech 10

While the glom dust cloud remains a somewhat obscure phenomenon to the general public, the alliance were eager to investigate it’s causes and potential military application. Starbase 34 was therefore constructed primarily as a research station and military base.

The secretive nature of the work at this station makes it hardly an inviting place for visiting captains, however if you can bear the scrutiny of the many armed alliance troopers that stand at most of the corridors leading off the space port, you might find something of note here.
Quick to take advantage of the efficiently run power generation systems and the occasional visits from scientific consultants, a number of the sphere’s most high tech and exclusive stores have set up on Starbase 34 and unlike the alliance military, they are quite happy to interact with visiting captains, or at least with those wealthy enough to afford their services.