Star Ship Sales (Player)

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Star Ship Sales (Player)

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Name: Star Ship Sales (Player)
Image: Store.Icon.StarShipSalesPlayer.jpg

Star Ship Sales

Min. Settlement Level:
ContractCost: CR
Contract Length: Months
settlementDiscount: %

Captain, you are about to enter the local Ship Sales Store. This store is home to the ships on sale that have been manufactured by the resident staff at the Settlement. Each ship is manufactured using a 'Shake & Bake' process allowing for each vessel to be as unique as possible and as close to the desired stats as possible.

You will require a Universal Hangar License before you can purchase any ships from this store. Once purchased they are transferred to the local Hangar and are your responsibility to move to a desired location. You are also responsible to ensure you have the correct Captain Level requirement for the ship you decide to purchase. Stores like this do not offer a refund under any circumstances.

For locations in game use the CE Finder