Ship Hangar

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Ship Hangar

Captain, this is a Ship Hangar Office. From here we can review any ships we may have in the Hangar Bay Services at our disposal. If we have any ships in the Hangar we can choose to make them 'Active' thereby changing out from our Current ship and moving into the desired ship.

When purchasing a ship from a 'Ship Store' you will be offered the option to 'Hangar' the new purchase. This will move the new vessel in to the Hangar Bay service and you will have access to the ship from any Hangar bay office in the Galaxy. (Excludes Expanse).

When using the Hangar to transfer in to a stored ship a streamlined 'Auto Strip' feature will help you move smoothly into the new ship. A few checks still remain but the process is much quicker.


The Ship Hangar is only available to owners of a Universal Hangar License. To access the hangar, you must first dock at a location, you can then access the hangar from the service icon (displayed top right on this page). From there, you can select the ship you want to use. By activating it, your items are removed from your slots, and put into your store. Your engine will be fitted automatically on the new ship. You can then equip any items<ref>Unless you're flying a Shuttle, of course.</ref>, and be on your way.


Hangar Sales Section

Hangar Sales Section

Players who have access to the Ship Hangar can also access the Hangar Sales Section by clicking on the icon (displayed on the right) available inside the Ship Hangar. From there, you can sell your ships to other players, who might be willing to pay more for your ship than the Ship stores would. You can (of course) purchase ships from other players, who are selling their ship for less than the retail value.


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