Settlement Ship Yard

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Settlement Ship Yard

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Name: Settlement Ship Yard
Image: Store.Icon.Settlement.Ship.Yard.jpg

Ship Yard

Min. Settlement Level:
ContractCost: CR
Contract Length: Months
settlementDiscount: %

This is a Settlement Ship Yard. It is an automated salvage yard capable of breaking up most ships. Ships placed inside the yard are disassembled using the most non destructive methods possible.

Stage 1 Pass: The ship yard will take in to account the Salvage boost from settlement research and upgrades along with your personal 'Salvaging Certification' level. You will gain an extra 5% per level of this primary key certification.

Stage 2 Pass: This stage is a more refined extra layer of salvage and relates directly to each of the 12 sections of a ship being salvaged taking in to account your personal Salvage Levels and also Salvage specific certificates.

Time & Salvage Levels: Each ship will take a differing amount of time to be fully salvaged. This is dependant on the ship type. You should also note that the salvage process is not an exact science and the value of the resources is based first off the resale value of the ship then by the stage 1 and 2 salvage process percentages.

Once a ship is fully salvaged you can review the resources recovered and transfer them to the local CS. This particular ship yard is unable to salvage shuttles or Player Made Ships at this time. Ships not at this location will be autopiloted to the destination once the salvage process has been activated.

You should also READ the following Primer BEFORE attempting to use the Ship Yard facilities. This primer will help you understand what to expect and is a more complete explanation of the facilities service. Ship Yard Salvage Primer - Click Me

For locations in game use the CE Finder