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Secure Storage Facility

Welcome to the 'Secure Store'. This service is offered free of charge to every Captain and ensures you can keep your ships store free of clutter. You may transfer items directly to this secure storage facility from your ships store. Inversely from here you can pick up items and transfer them back to your ship.

Please Note: All transfers too and from the Secure Store are logged. Failed transfers and attempted exploits will be logged. Any player caught attempting to duplicate items or bypass the secure store safety checks will have their account locked.

The Secure Storage Facility is only able to 'Store' items and cannot be used to trade or sell directly. Items transfered to the Secure Store are kept indefinitely or until your account is deleted.

The Secure Storage Facility is available at every dockable location. Each dockable location has their own Secure Storage and thus you can only access items from the Secure Store you are docked at. One purpose to transfer items to the Secure Storage is to speed up your in-game accesses to your ship store which also reduces burden on the server.

Note that you can't store cargo here, you need the Commercial Storage for that.