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Sankarea (ve)
Galactic Federation

Docking 50 Cr
Law 4
Tech 12
Seen from outer space, this planet seems to be an emerald jewel laced with frosty clouds. Sankarea is a prize representative for the first planet created by human scientists. It is completely covered in an algae type organism that has defied classification by scientists on whether it is plant or animal. There have been unconfirmed reports of unusual occurrences concerning this 'algae' but at the time of this writing nothing has been officially determined. The air on Sankarea is sweet and pure and the climate is temperate. Sankarea is truly an emerald paradise waiting for human habitation.

Due to the enormous effort involved in creating Sankarea, it was determined that those Captains who were instrumental in its creation would be given a chance to own their own sections of land on Sankarea. Many sections have been claimed and construction on these 'homestead plots' have begun. It is anticipated that these Captains will also play an important role in the defeat of the AI invasion currently taking place.

Sankarea is located in Sphere, the Kelsey System giving it a key location. It has easy access to all the heavily built up systems in Sphere yet it is also only one jump away from Furnace. Kelsey System also has an in system fuel depot to keep your ship ready to go. Sankarea promises to become a very important planet in the expansion of the human race.