Sams Implants

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Sams Implants

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Name: Sams Implants
Image: Store.Icon.SamsImplants.jpg

Schematic Store

Min. Settlement Level: 2
ContractCost: 300000 CR
Contract Length: 3 Months
settlementDiscount: 8 %

Samuel Stevens was a well respected scientist and biochemist who worked for Pyridine's Industries for many years as a faithful and loyal employee. Like many scientists before him he was sick of developing the technology and not getting credited for the design.

He took it upon himself to set up Sams Implants schematic store. He bought out his contract at Pyridine's Industries and with his remaining capital opened his first schematics store.

Since then he's not looked back and Sam is now a wealthy man. In fact rumours exist that Sam may be thinking of buying controlling shares in his old company Pyridine's Industries.

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Effect of Tech Level

This section contains the items unlocked by each tech level.

Tech Item Available
6 Nothing!
7 Nothing new
8  ?
9  ?
10  ?
11  ?
12  ?