Ref Metal (Karanor)

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Ref Metal (Karanor)

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Name: Ref Metal (Karanor)
Image: Ref Metal (Karanor)


Extracting Skill: 70
Galaxies: Sphere (Karanor)
Sales Market Price: 650 CR
Sales Market: Deep Core Mining
Mining Galaxies: Not mineable
Mining scan rate: Not mineable

Refined Metal (Karanor)

Ore is in plentiful supply in most systems and the ability to convert it into refined metals is usually established at the same time as the first orbital habitat is completed.

There is always a need, however, to move the refined metals to sites where they are required for building or repair purposes.

Please note: This resource is unique in its chemical make-up and not the same as its normal counterpart. Excessive Extraction has led to this planet producing a variant of this resource.