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Recycling is the process used for converting pieces of salvage found randomly from combat, mining, wreck salvaging, derelict exploration or planetary exploration along with random awards from Ashar, Wesbec or Union deliveries into basic resources by the use of a Recycling Processing Unit which is placed in the cargo expander slot of the ship loadout screen. You must be docked for the process to work.

The pieces of salvage can be found in the Misc section of your shipstore. To begin the process click on the green icon on the line the piece you want to recycle is on.

The efficiency of the process is affected by both the RPU used and the refining skill of the operator, these are displayed on the recycling screen before the operation is instigated, displayed is both the maximum possible return and what you will get using this RPU and your current refining skill. You can choose not to go ahead with it at this point, However if all is to your satisfaction you can recycle the piece of salvage.

The resources produced are deposited directly into the Commercial Storage of the port you are docked to and you will be awarded a set amount of XP for the piece which will be increased by having an XP booster running at the time.