R11 Pulse Pistol

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R11 Pulse Pistol

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Name: R11 Pulse Pistol
Image: R11 Pulse Pistol


Extracting Skill: Not extractable
Galaxies: Not extractable
Sales Market Price: Not Sold
Sales Market: Not Sold
Mining Galaxies: Not mineable
Mining scan rate: Not mineable

The R range of pulse pistols has been in circulation in Furnace since it was split off from the other galaxies hundreds of years ago. R type pistols were popular amongst bounty hunters and frontiersmen alike due to their survivability and ruggedness and cheap price tag, able to take all kinds of environmental stresses and still keep shooting afterwards.

Today the latest model, the R 11 is still popular for that reason amongst freelancers from all walks of life even though some may consider the decade’s old design somewhat antiquated. Whether they be for fending off pirates by a trader, fending off wildlife by an explorer or even being brandished by the pirates themselves, someone will always be looking for one of these trusty side arms.