Quasar Ore

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Quasar Ore

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Name: Quasar Ore
Image: Quasar Ore


Extracting Skill: 90
Galaxies: The Forge
Sales Market Price: 552 CR
Sales Market: Hartman Group
Mining Galaxies: The Forge
Mining scan rate: ?

Quasar Ore

The discovery of Quasar ore was first thought to be a practical joke by a rock miner. Upon closer inspection it was found to be a most interesting find. The Quasar ore seems to contain a collection of base Alkali Metals including Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Rubidium and even Cesium.

Quasar ore can be mined from ORSA locations found in The Forge Galaxy. At this time it is believed that this ore only resides in this Galaxy and its content Systems.