Port Ross

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Port Ross (ve)
Galactic Federation

Docking 50 Cr
Law 9
Tech 9

Port Ross

The Franklyn system was discovered by follow up explorers sent to check the original survey results for the Kelsey system. Usually the discovery of a new system, even a closed one with no additional Jump Points, would have caused a stir but unfortunately for Franklyn those same explorers found three other usable Jump Points from the Kelsey system that led to additional systems with yet more Jump Points.

It is doubtful that the Franklyn system would have been settled at all if it wasn't for the old Federations need to build a large base and infrastructure in the Kelsey system to defend the newly discovered Jump Point nexus.

Franklyns saving grace is that it posses four asteroid fields giving it an abundance of ore that can be shipped to the ore poor Kelsey system. The down side is that the two habitable planets and one habitable moon are little more than barren lumps of rock that can barely support life.

Port Ross was founded to support the asteroid miners and refine the ore they brought in, even today the station still has a raw frontier feel to it. Port Ross's primary industries still revolve around mining and the refining of the ore but some manufacture now also takes place at the station.