Plasteel (Vesta)

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Plasteel (Vesta)

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Name: Plasteel (Vesta)
Image: Plasteel (Vesta)


Extracting Skill: 100
Galaxies: Sphere (Vesta)
Sales Market Price: 925 CR
Sales Market: Hartman Group
Mining Galaxies: Not mineable
Mining scan rate: Not mineable

Plasteel (Vesta)

Plasteel is the main building material used in all space habitats and ships hulls, as it is both strong and flexible and offers excellent insulation.

Plasteel is in demand anywhere where construction or repair of ships or space habitats is taking place. However, traders need to carefully weigh up the possibilities, and the profit margins they offer, as Plasteel is universally available.

Please note: This resource is unique in its chemical make-up and not the same as its normal counterpart. Excessive Extraction has led to this planet producing a variant of this resource.