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Passenger ShadowSword Frame

Design and development of this 'Passenger System' was carried out by a private group of investors that wanted to be able to decide what class of passengers they could carry without having to compromise on volume.

The 'ShadowSword Systems' are the first in their class. On their own the ShadowSword Passenger system is just a 'frame work' fitted to a Ships Cargo bay slot. The unique difference to these systems are their use of Passenger Pods.

So far the group have designed Six ShadowSword Passenger Frames and 15 Pods to fit along side them. Each Passenger Frame has a limit on the amount of Pods it can take and of course the pods themselves are limited by a captains Pod Points.

A nice side affect of using the Pod system is that this enables these Passenger Fame systems to add cargo space as well.


Requires Gains
Cargo expander level Captain level Device Tech Energy Cargo space Pod Unit Limit
1 45 300 3500 +100 2
2 55 375 5500 +125 3
3 65 450 7000 +135 4
4 75 525 8500 +145 5
5 85 600 10000 +155 7
6 95 675 11500 +165 10

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Availability U-Haul Technologiesnononono