Osod-er Enterprises

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Osod-er Enterprises

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Name: Osod-er Enterprises
Image: Store.Icon.Osod-erEnterprises.jpg

Cargo Store

Min. Settlement Level: 99
ContractCost: 300000 CR
Contract Length: 3 Months
settlementDiscount: N/A %

Osod-er Enterprises was formed by the crew of the Atlantis when she was stranded in Verec-Per in the Core border closings. The crew turned the Atlantis into a large cargo vessel using their own Cargo Expander designs. Later they decided to form the Osod-er Enterprises group and open stores throughout Verec-Per Galaxy.

Their range of Cargo expanders is varied and they also have a range of specialised Passenger Modules. whilst their products are first rate they are by no means cheap!

Osod-er Enterprises is a member of the Verec-Per Alliance of Traders and as such trade only with trusted and loyal Verec-Per inhabitants.

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TL Item Price
?-8 StarFlux Compressor Qua-echdyn 2,430,000
9 StarFlux Compressor Ild-tanol 3,685,000
10 StarFlux Compressor Mor-bel 5,150,000
11? 12? StarFlux Compressor Sam-ryn 6,500,000
11? 12? StarFlux Compressor Or-war 7,850,000
?-8 Uncertainty Box Imcer-tur 5,850,000
9 Uncertainty Box Ril-ageyz 6,400,000
10 Uncertainty Box Dyn-nysill 6,900,000
11? 12? Uncertainty Box Im-bur 7,450,000
11? 12? Uncertainty Box Dan-en 8,000,000
?-8 Warp Vault Ald-ardiph 860,000
9 Warp Vault Daykend-shy 1,465,000
10 Warp Vault Vor-engden 3,300,000
11? 12? Warp Vault Om-kel 4,600,000
11? 12? Warp Vault Ale-age 6,595,000