Ore (Karanor)

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Ore (Karanor)

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Name: Ore (Karanor)
Image: Ore (Karanor)


Extracting Skill: 5
Galaxies: Sphere (Karanor)
Sales Market Price: 60 CR
Sales Market: Hartman Group
Mining Galaxies: Not mineable
Mining scan rate: Not mineable

Ore is used in massive amounts by both the planetary and orbital habitats where it is turned in to refined metals for use in construction and manufacturing.

While it is possible to turn a profit by transporting other people’s ore perhaps the best way to make money is as an asteroid miner.

Mining the local asteroid belt for usable minerals and returning them to the local station for refining offers the promise of a far higher profit margin than a simple haulage contract would.

Please note: This resource is unique in its chemical make-up and not the same as its normal counterpart. Excessive Extraction has led to this planet producing a variant of this resource.