Opasnium Ore

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Opasnium Ore

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Name: Opasnium Ore
Image: Opasnium Ore

Phantom Ore

Extracting Skill: Not extractable
Galaxies: Not extractable
Sales Market Price: Not Sold
Sales Market: Not Sold
Mining Galaxies: Sphere
Mining scan rate: ?

Version 10.1 of the Galactic scanner update has seen a plethora of new ores pop up in the Miners scan results. Many of these ores were undetectable until the recent update. Currently developers are still trying to figure out why it's not filtering through to the Asteroid Data Scanner reports.

Until this situation is resolved captains will simply have to figure out what's there from trial and error. It is believed that this update has uncovered a whole range of ores from a lowly scan rating of Five right through and up to the highest levels.