Mero Brothers

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Mero Brothers

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Name: Mero Brothers
Image: Store.Icon.MeroBrothers.jpg

Schematic Store

Min. Settlement Level: 1
ContractCost: 165000 CR
Contract Length: 3 Months
settlementDiscount: 27 %

No ones to sure where the Mero Brothers came from. They just kind of appeared from no where. Bringing with them a large assortment of fantastic Schematics and ideas.

In the last few months they have opened a number of Offices on promenades across the Galaxy starting with their very first office on George Town.

For locations in game use the CE Finder

{{techlevel |6=Drill Rig (Small) Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Extractor Pump (Small) Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Hopper Unit (Small) Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png |7=- |8=Biometric Seals Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Carbonum Casing Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Carbonum Drill Head Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Commercial Drill Unit Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Commercial Extractor Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png (all types)
Defender Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png 1 - 8
Energy Injector Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png Rev 1 - Rev 4
Exotic Convertor Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Exotic Drill Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Exotic Drill Rig Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Exotic Hopper Chassis Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Exotic Power Unit Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Exotic Regulator Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Extractor Wall Module Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Frontiersman Shield Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png Rev 1 & Rev 2
Gorgon Shield Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png Rev 1 - Rev 8
Industrial Drill Unit Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Industrial Extractor Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png (all types)
Industrial Hopper Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Personal Extractor Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png (all types)
Remote Mining Drone Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png (all types)
Shield Energy Converter Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Shield Heat Sink Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Shield Stabilizer Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png