Medical Station Gentry

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Medical Station Gentry (ve)
Galactic Federation

Docking 50 Cr
Law 12
Tech 12

Medical Station Gentry

Gentry was launched some 30 years ago but is still the pride of Gal-Feds medical facilities. Only the Core's own doctors can rival those found here at Gentry.

For Gal-Fed staff, medical fees are waived but the unsuspecting captain should be weary of the clauses printed in medical bills. Often the old saying of costing and arm and a leg can be taken quite literally at Gentry.

There is an excellent 'Neural Implant' store on Gentry. Although following Gentry's pricing structure it is a little on the high side. Be warned buying an Neural Implant and having it fitted are two separate matters. Always ensure you choose the right Doctor for the job.