Mech Combat Town

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Mech Combat Town

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Name: Mech Combat Town
Image: Store.Icon.MechCombatTown.jpg

Mech Town

Min. Settlement Level: 99
ContractCost: 300000 CR
Contract Length: 0 Months
settlementDiscount: N/A %

Power Forge Productions have recreated an entire town here on Grelia specifically for Mech Combat. Mechanised Combat was banned in the past for the horrific loss of life, but Power Forge Productions managed to get the governing body of sports to lift the ban if they agreed to only used 'Artificial Intelligent' Mechs instead of human commander pilots.

So a new form of Mech Combat was born. Along with their sister company Mechanised Designs they have managed to revitalise one of the most popular spectator sports known to broadcasting. Millions of credits are generated each day as people from around the galaxy tune in to watch the mechanised mayhem.

Anyone can enter, all you just need a Mech and the desire to win!

--Location - Grelia--