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Mechs in Core Exiles are robots equipped with an Aritificial Intelligence. They are used for sports in the mech arenas. This is currently the only form of PvP in Core-Exiles


Each mech consist of four parts: The chassis, AI, Armour (Ablative)/(Regenerative) and weapons. Each mech needs all four parts before it can be assembled. For an step-by-step guide on mech assembly, see How to Assemble a Mech.

The four parts of a mech determine it's qualities, capabilities and which arenas it may enter. For example, a mech with Rev 4 armour has more hitpoints than a mech with Rev 1 armour. A mech equipped with a Jump AI can jump away from nasty situations, as long as it's controlling a mech chassis with a jump system. And a mech with a Thumper chassis can't enter Alpha, since it would exceed the HP limit.

Once you have assembled your mech, you can drop it into the arena to participate in mech combat. For a step-by-step guide on mech combat, see How to participate in Mech Combat. Once dropped, they will stay there until you recall them, or until they are destroyed. Note that you can't recall mechs during or right after combat.

When mechs are victorious in combat, they collect mech points, victory points and credits:

  • Mech points are specific to a single mech, they will disappear when the mech is destroyed or recycled. You need them to gain access to the Bravo and Charlie arenas. They are also used for ranking during mech week.
  • Victory points can be turned in for Festive Points at Lora Summers in Spark. You get a 1 Festive Point for each 2 Victory Points that you turn in. You don't lose these if you lose any mechs.
  • You gain an amount of credits related partially to the arena your mech competed in (10k for Alpha, 20k for Bravo), and partially to the amount of MP the mech that was killed had.

The amount of Mech points and Victory point that you gain for a kill is the same. You get always 10 points, plus half of the Mech Points that the mech you killed had.

Mech properties

Each mech has various properties that come from the components it's composed of.


The chassis and armour determine how many hitpoins your mech has. The amount of hitpoints determine how long a mech can stay in the arena. Once the hitpoints counter reaches zero, the mech is destroyed. The remaining scrap metal is sold, and you receive some credits.


The chassis and armour also determine the resistance to the various forms of weapons. Higher resistance means taking less damage from the same attacks. Sometimes, it can even completely deflect attacks.


The chassis determines the speed of the mech, though heavy equipment will slow the mech down.

Jump system

Some mechs have what is known as a "Jump system". This allows them to jump out of nasty situations. You need a Jump AI to make use of this, though.