Maxima Port

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Maxima Port (ve)
Unknown faction

Docking 50 Cr
Law 7
Tech 12

Maxima Port (formerly known as Starbase-62) was built as small outpost for servicing Nebula mining vessels. Soon recreation facilities were improved, including many bars and large Concert Hall for 740 guests.

Station name was changed after modernization, by Cuauhtemoc Ramahandran, inventor of Wrestling Races (mix of martial arts and jet-pack racing. Now banned by all civilized governments and few others). Large stands were constructed on top of station, covered by huge dome from transparent aluminum. Around it, 3D racing track was designed, with many hard, often sharp obstacles. After delegalization of races cupola has been used as restaurant, and obstacles were replaced by asteroid chunks.

Recently Nebula miners were replaced by military due to AI threat. Maxima Port was partially mobilized, its cultural facilities were converted into operational rooms for Coalition forces. Due to heavy military presence and extensive training operations illegal Wrestling Races are hosted bimonthly only. Each spectactor is given 10000 cr fine, which entitles to five meal dinner, few souvenirs and photo with winner (if any).