Laurences Emporium

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Laurences Emporium

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Name: Laurences Emporium
Image: Store.Icon.LaurencesEmporium.jpg

Factory Store

Min. Settlement Level: 1
ContractCost: 172000 CR
Contract Length: 3 Months
settlementDiscount: 18 %

Over the last 70 years Laurence's Emporium has served the civilian community well. They specialise in Factories. Every conceivable type of factory known to man can be found in the right Laurence Store.

They are not cheap. But they do tend to be exquisitely manufactured. Pre-packaged and even include an owners manual and a 12 month guarantee (return to manufacture).

True you can get these types of Factories from the much maligned Player Market, but why purchase a possibly second hand Factory when you can get a boxed pristine condition new Factory for twice as much?

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