Jimmy Fingers

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Npc.Icon.Jimmy Fingers.jpg
Jimmy Fingers (ve)
San Miguel
Not aligned to a faction

Jimmy has been on San Miguel Station for a number of years. He's a likeable kind of guy but has a certain set of skills that make him extremely useful at times.

Fingers as the locals call him can open just about any lock ever made it seems. From an early age he had the knack of opening boxes and locks that even most adults had trouble with and as he progressed through his early teens he became an expert locksmith.

San Miguel security keep a firm eye on Jimmy but he is more than happy to open crates and boxes for you that you might find otherwise locked.

Captain, please note that Jimmy charges by the item but not all crates and cases are the same. It depends on the Security seal on the container. Jimmy will not open the item if you do not have the funds to cover it.

More importantly: Jimmy will always place resources and commodities into a Commercial Store for you here on the station in your name. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you collect any items stored for you in this fashion. All other items will be transferred to your ships store.

Unlocking Service

You can take various locked containers to Jimmy, and for a sum of credits he ensures you is quite reasonable, he will unlock the container. Free loot! Well, you pay for it, but let's not nitpick. That's rude.

  • Secure Locked Container These cost 2000 credits to open, and generate a random Ship Special, which may be boosted.
  • Locked Crate These can be expensive to unlock, but sometimes contain useful loot.

Goods Available

NOTE: It seems Jimmy no longer sells goods. The only current option is "Talk to Jimmy Fingers". The "see goods" button is gone.

A quick note on NPC Goods: Goods may not be available initially. You may have to progress or even finish all the missions before some or all of them become available for purchase. Negotiation Skill reduces the price of any Space Debris available to purchase, but does not reduce the price of Repair Items (EBKs, Drones).

Item Name Item Cost
E.B.K Booster Kit (Armour) Level 1 600
E.B.K Booster Kit (Armour) Level 2 980
E.B.K Booster Kit (Hull) Level 1 600
E.B.K Booster Kit (Hull) Level 2 900
E.B.K Booster Kit (Shield) Level 1 500
E.B.K Booster Kit (Shield) Level 2 700