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Jackson Store

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Name: Jackson Store
Image: Store.Icon.JacksonStore.jpg

Sales Market

Min. Settlement Level: 3
ContractCost: 170000 CR
Contract Length: 6 Months
settlementDiscount: 22 %

Harvey Jackson is the owner and he has already opened a handful of these new stores in line with the new changes in the sales law. It seems he will be specialising in things like Agro Grow, Bio-Gen Trees and most of the basic food goods.

Since the Fair Trade Agreement has been enforced Jackson's has began to expand in to other resource based markets, other than that Jackson's stores are much like you'd expect, expensive but mostly in stock, double check your prices though as prices can go up as well as down!

Items for Sale

Resource Sales Market price
Agro Grow385 Cr
Agro Grow (Lorats Hold)385 Cr
Agro Grow (Sephira)385 Cr
Bio Enzymes (Elista)260 Cr
Bio Enzymes (Messor)275 Cr
Bio Foods (Domat)205 Cr
Bio Foods (Hebid)230 Cr
Bio Foods (Lorats Hold)255 Cr
Bio-Gen Trees660 Cr
Cereal55 Cr
Cereal (Domat)110 Cr
Corn60 Cr
Corn (Eden)115 Cr
Corn (Elista)120 Cr
Food Goods288 Cr
Foozite1385 Cr
Forge Grain85 Cr
Fresh Foods396 Cr
Frozen Meats1032 Cr
Oats50 Cr
Refined Corenium3665 Cr
Rice40 Cr
Rice (Elista)80 Cr
Rice (Meltram)85 Cr
Rice (Myzohu)90 Cr
Rice (Olivat)85 Cr
Uranium4341-4513 Cr
Water48-50 Cr
Water (Beltaine)79-82 Cr
Water (Messor)79-82 Cr
Water (Olivat)95-99 Cr
Wheat56-58 Cr
Wheat (Domat)107-111 Cr
Wheat (Elista)115 Cr
Xerinium Gas1013-1053 Cr

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