Humanix Starbase Tech

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Humanix Starbase Tech

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Name: Humanix Starbase Tech
Image: Store.Icon.HumanixStarbaseTeche.jpg

Schematic Store

Min. Settlement Level:
ContractCost: CR
Contract Length: Months
settlementDiscount: 6 %

If you were to unbolt almost any sizeable part from a station or large corporation size building you would likely find the words 'Designed by Humanix' on the bottom. Humanix has been around since man left the cradle of Earth many centuries ago.

Initially they found solutions for most of the more complex issues of life in space, and slowly moved out into the larger more complex builds and designs. Most of both Gal-Fed and Con-Feds Starbases were designed in part by Humanix, and today you too can share on their creative genius.

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