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Hartman Group

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Name: Hartman Group
Image: Store.Icon.HartmanGroup.jpg

Sales Market

Min. Settlement Level: 3
ContractCost: 170000 CR
Contract Length: 6 Months
settlementDiscount: 12 %

The Hartman Group was formed recently to take advantage of changes in the sales laws which now allow privately funded groups to sell directly to the public. Prior to this only Corporations and Conglomerates were allowed to do so.

  They have launched a small chain of these stores in all Three Galaxies and whilst their stocks hold we are informed their prices are not as high as might be expected.

Items for Sale

Resource Sales Market price
Alucite Ore144 Cr
Alucite Ore (Delphus)410 Cr
Alucite Ore (Myzohu)435 Cr
Alucite Ore (Simbirsk)440 Cr
Anvil Valacyte396 Cr
Biogenic Ore375 Cr
Copper Ore120 Cr
Element 251350 Cr
Iron Ore78 Cr
Iron Ore (Lorats Hold)200 Cr
Iron Ore (Messor)220 Cr
Iron Ore (Toyila)230 Cr
Ore14 Cr
Plasteel440 Cr
Plasteel (Domat)850 Cr
Plasteel (Mity)875 Cr
Plasteel (Simbirsk)910 Cr
Plasteel (Spark)910 Cr
Plasteel (Vesta)925 Cr
Quasar Ore552 Cr
Refined Metal222 Cr
Refined Ore880 Cr
Steel264 Cr
Steel (Beltaine)600 Cr
Steel (Hebid)615 Cr
Steel (Sephira)625 Cr
Steel (Simbirsk)635 Cr
Steel (Toyila)625 Cr
Steel (Wanish)630 Cr
Tellerite Ore302-305 Cr
Terracyte Ore453-457 Cr
Xerinium Ore307-310 Cr

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