Harmonic Buffer

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Harmonic Buffer

These reflective technology shield units each have unique histories indicated by their names, which reflect the blood, sweat and tears of the designer/developers.

  • The honour student Pol-yerer managed to lay claim to this rather exceptional piece of shielding design. Its efficiency and simplicity was at the time very cost effective and popular among many of the younger Verecian Captains
  • The first born son of the high chancellor of humanities was honoured with the claim to this harmonic buffer shield revision. Ver-os was named academy class winner of the ver-bar challenge. Sadly his opponent perished when his less efficient shield collapsed during the trials
  • Ale-elmaw will be revered amongst the lists of the honoured scientists that have given their souls to further our glorious Verecian shielding technology. His death during final live fire testing was proof of his honour and exceptional selflessness as he saved the lives of his fellow scientists
  • Thought by many of his professors and work colleagues as a quiet and unrelenting man, Tor-saman has been given the honour title of this shield as he worked tirelessly for many years perfecting this model. The shield was the winner three years in a row of the highly claimed ver-bar test
  • The battle at Sela-risic is well known amongst the Verecian Honour Guard. This shield was used by the warriors in question and they owe their very souls to Ran-em for his diligent and brilliant work on this shield. He lays claim to this shield design
  • When Khal-ira was taken and executed in the public square, his family honour and history was removed from the Honour Bureau records. The true claim to the title for this shield goes to Iailt-wor. Investigators had discovered that Khal-ira stole his fellow colleagues design and attempted to fool the council that it was his own work
  • Enild-tur was honoured with the title for this design after years of faithful and dedicated service to the Ministries of Technology. This title was awarded posthumously as he was killed in a freak climbing accident in the mountains of fracena-spa when his clamp-on crampon cracked

Due to the technical spec of this shield units you will need to hold a Reflective Shield Skill rating of 240 before the first of these can be fitted to your vessel.

NOTE: Shields require charging via E.B.K Booster Kits


Requires Gains
Name Captain level Reflective skill Energy Cost Max. HP
Pol-yerer 47 240 1550  ? 3600
Ver-os 52 320 2150  ? 4900
Ale-elmaw 69 405 2800  ? 6400
Tor-saman 80 480 3350  ? 7700
Ran-em 91 565 4000  ? 9200
Iailt-wor 102 630 4550  ? 10500
Enild-tur 102 705 5200  ? 12000
  NPC StoreCrafting EngineeringFestive CenterCE Store only
Availability Ina-ris Mallnononono