Geological Survey Device

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Geological Survey Device

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Name: Geological Survey Device
Image: Geological Survey Device


Extracting Skill: Not extractable
Galaxies: Not extractable
Sales Market Price: Not Sold
Sales Market: Not Sold
Mining Galaxies: Not mineable
Mining scan rate: Not mineable

When the galactic gates closed to Verec Per it was realised they had precious few supplies of the resources they had relied on for construction and industry, in a race to find more they invested heavily in the advancement of geological scanning technology in an attempt to locate new deposits.

While they were unsuccessful this technology was useful in their eventual unlocking of the potential of Verec Per’s native mineral resources, the fact that these are also more difficult to detect has meant that Verecian geological survey technology has kept ahead of traditional tech in the Sphere and Furnace right up until the reopening of the gates.

Verecian Geological Survey Devices are now regarded highly as some of the best that money can buy across the galaxies; they are sought after by many with an interest in mining and mineralogical pursuits.