Genesis Land Management

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Genesis Land Management

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Name: Genesis Land Management
Image: Store.Icon.GenesisLandManagement.jpg

Land Sales

Min. Settlement Level:
ContractCost: CR
Contract Length: Months
settlementDiscount: %

This is the very first of its kind, a Genesis Land Management Office. The Coalition bowed to public opinion when the subject of creating Genesis Planets came up and agreed to sell an initial 200 plots of land on the 1st of the Genesis created planets.

There was a stipulation that initially purchasers would only be eligible to purchase a single land plot with a chance for subsequent plots being available from later research. Also the Coalition insisted that planet plots be purchased with Genesis Points, thereby rewarding those that help either this initial Genesis Project or any of the current ongoing projects.

Prospective owners should also note that initial buildings for deployment require genesis points when purchasing along with subsequent schematics for more advanced deployment buildings.

For locations in game use the CE Finder