Galactic Emporium

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Galactic Emporium

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Name: Galactic Emporium
Image: Store.Icon.Galactic.Emporium.jpg

Player Emporium

Min. Settlement Level:
ContractCost: 150000 CR
Contract Length: 0 Months
settlementDiscount: N/A %

This is the Galactic Emporium. These are collections of Private stores owned by captains throughout the Galaxy. They offer their wares to you the public. Prices are set by the owner and are non negotiable.

All items purchased through the Galactic Emporium are placed in the Local Secure Store for collection at your leisure. It is the purchasers responsibility to collect their items.

Should you wish to open a Store within the Galactic Emporium you will require an Emporium License. This can be purchased with Festive Points or from the CE Store.

Please note: Opening a Store has a one time credit cost as well as consuming an Emporium License. You may only open one store per location. Emporium Licenses are non refundable once used.

For locations in game use the CE Finder