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The Galactic Buyers Market is the place where you can let other player know that you want something, and that you're willing to pay for it.

Showing the requests

You can at (virtually) any time see the current listings on the GBM by accessing the Game Info dropdown box. This shows you all the current listings. There is even an RSS feed available, accessible from that page.

Filling a request

To fill an request, you must be at one of the locations with a GBM office. Once you're there, you must transfer your goods to Commercial Storage. After that, talk to the GBM android. You can then find the goods in the list, enter the amount you're willing to sell, and deposit your items. You will be paid right away, and the goods will be taken from your storage.

Placing a request

Placing an request can be done from anywhere. Just select the GBM in the Game Info dropdown box, and scroll to the bottom. There you can select the item you need, and how much you're willing to pay for it. The credits needed for your request will be taken from your ship's account at the time you place your request. The request will then be available for other players to fill for up to seven days. If the request is not filled by the end of the seven days, your credits will be refunded. If other players chose to deposit items, you will receive a notification in your mailbox. You can then head to any of the GBM offices, and pick up your goods there. Do so by asking about your contracts, then at the bottom you can move the goods to the local Commercial Storage.

Cancelling a request

If you find that you don't want or need the items you requested any more, you can at any time cancel your request. The resources that were sold to you will be available at the nearest GBM office, and the remainder of the credits will be refunded.

Collecting your items

To collect the items you have now bought, go to any one of the locations listed below (or San Gallen), speak to the GBM. On the right hand side, you may view your active contracts, and there you will have an option to send to the local Commercial Storage.


There are a number of limits to the GBM:

  • You can only purchase resources, nothing else. Use the Galactic Emporium for items you wish to trade.
  • You may only list up to 5 requests (7 for Premium Accounts).
  • Request will only last for 7 days,
  • You must request at least 100 units.
  • You must offer at least the base CPU.

For locations in game use the CE Finder