Furnace Protein Foods

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Furnace Protein Foods

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Name: Furnace Protein Foods
Image: Furnace Protein Foods


Extracting Skill: Not extractable
Galaxies: Not extractable
Sales Market Price: Not Sold
Sales Market: Not Sold
Mining Galaxies: Not mineable
Mining scan rate: Not mineable

These foods are dietary staple in Furnace, they mainly consist of meat in the form of a protein paste harvested from the large grazing herd animals that populate many of furnaces wilder less inhabited planets, or their domesticated counterparts on civilized worlds.

This foodstuff was popularised as a staple during the Furnace wars, both among military personnel on the Gal-Fed and Con-Fed sides, and civilians aboard the numerous massive refugee ark ships that roamed during that era to avoid military conflict and pirate threats.

Fortunately conditions have improved somewhat since those turbulent times however there is still need of this staple foodstuff by people to whom better stable sources of protein are unavailable, it is recommended this be eaten with Furnace Supplement Foods to maintain a healthy diet.